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Who Can Fundraise?

Public Schools

  • Primary
  • Secondary


501(c)(3) Organizations

  • Private Schools or Universities
  • Registered PTAs/PTOs
  • School Foundations or Charter Schools

501(c)(3) ORGS

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What Can I Do With GiveMN?

  • Create a school fundraising campaign in minutes
  • Organize your school community to raise money
  • Accept donations on your school/PTA/PTO website

  • Download detailed donation reports
  • Accept donations on your school's official Facebook page
  • Fundraise With your iPhone


How To:

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How To:

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  1. What does it cost?

    There is no fee to create an account or a page. GiveMN is a nonprofit website for nonprofits and schools. Donations are 100% tax deductible and a flat 4.9% transaction fee is deducted from each donation.

  2. Is this a substitution for adequate funding?

    No. GiveMN does not aim to replace public or private sources of school funding, but to supplement them.

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