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Now anyone can raise money for any nonprofit organization. All you need is a good cause and access to the Internet. We provide the rest! Many ordinary individuals are already on the cutting edge of fundraising. They’re using GiveMN to serve as the “online hub” for their fundraising campaigns.

Raising money for a mission trip is inspiring on GiveMN!

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Featured Mission Trip Fundraisers

Need a few ideas before you begin? See how others have raised
money for a mission trip on GiveMN.

  1. Helping the people of Haiti

    Amount Raised: $1,980

    Darren Johnson created this personal fundraising page to raise money for his mission trip and work in Haiti. This a great example of using photos and video to drive giving on a page. Darren also has a well-written and personal section that shows the value of the work he’ll be doing.

  2. Organized youth group fundraising in one location

    Amount Raised: $5,406

    Cornerstone Church set up a Junior High youth group team fundraising campaign for its mission trip to Chattanooga. Each youth group member has a fundraising page and the group fundraising efforts are organized in one central location. Cornerstone also set up a similar team campaign fundraiser for its senior high efforts.

  3. Best Buy Vision Team raises funds for mission trip to Guatemala

    Amount Raised: $16,188

    A group of Best Buy Employees started this fundraising page to raise money for Common Hope to send them to Guatemala. They really use video effectively.