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On GiveMN, raising money in memory of a loved one is fun, effective, and inspiring!

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Now anyone can raise money for any nonprofit organization. All you need is a good cause and access to the Internet. We provide the rest! Many ordinary individuals are already on the cutting edge of fundraising. They’re using GiveMN to serve as the “online hub” for their fundraising campaigns.

Raising money in memory of a loved one is inspiring on GiveMN!

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Raising money doesn’t have to be scary. GiveMN makes it fun for you and your donors to rally around a cause. But don’t take our word for it - discover the GiveMN experience for yourself!

Featured Memorial Fundraisers

Need a few ideas before you begin? See how others have raised
money in memory of a loved one on GiveMN.

  1. William David Roman

    Amount Raised: $10,745

    David Romans set up this memorial fundraising page in honor of his son William David Romans, who loved the Minnesota Zoo. This is a touching example of how fundraising pages can be set up by and for anyone as a way to honor a loved one AND raise money for the causes near and dear to them.

  2. Scholarship Fund in honor of a Jenny

    Amount Raised: $9,800

    Shaun Olson set up this memorial fundraising page in honor of Jenny Bradow, a friend to the University of St. Thomas campus community. This page has raised nearly $10,000 and serves as a place to leave comments honoring Jenny.