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Top 3 Overall Fundraising Ideas

  1. Molly's Birthday Wish

    Amount Raised: $25,225*

    Friends at Montessori Training Center of Minnesota are helping Molly fulfill her birthday wish. For her 60th birthday, they’ve created a project page so people can donate in lieu of birthday gifts to the children’s scholarship fund which helps low-income families attend the school.

  2. William David Roman

    Amount Raised: $10,745*

    David Romans set up this memorial fundraising page in honor of his son William David Romans, who loved the Minnesota Zoo. This is a touching example of how fundraising pages can be set up by and for anyone as a way to honor a loved one AND raise money for the causes near and dear to them.

  3. Beards for Hope

    Amount Raised: $16.572*

    A beard says a lot about a man. A beard communicates the image of an independent, sturdy, pioneer that can and will do anything - as long as it is manly. In the case of the Beards for Hope campaign, the beard is used as a tool to raise money to fight lung cancer. Twenty seven men pledged their beards as fundraiser tools and raised more than $16,000! It doesn’t get manlier than that.

    * Total recorded at time of posting