Getting Started With GiveMN

Minnesota nonprofits love GiveMN. Get started, and you will too!

1. Sign Up

Begin by creating a free account on GiveMN. It's fast and easy!

2. Claim your page.

We verify that you are an authorized representative of your organization.

3. Update your page.

Upload a picture, video, or story to help people know how they can help!

Why Should I Claim My Organization?

  • Raise more money. Nonprofits with active administrators raise 12 times more on average than nonprofits without.
  • Take control of your page. Upload pictures and videos! Tell your story and get supporters to comment.
  • Receive email notifications. Monitor your progress right from your inbox. Notifications are emailed each time a donation is made.
  • Download donation reports. As an admin for your organization, you can track donations, emails, and tax information in a single, Excel-friendly .CSV format.

Receiving Donations

Donations are regranted on the 10th of each month. That means, for example, if a donation was made on January 20, regrant checks are normally sent on or near February 10. For more about how donations work, please read our Terms of Use.

Disbursement checks are mailed to your address, unless your nonprofit has set up an electronic funds transfer (EFT). You can access information about your disbursement from the admin menu, after signing up. If you have any questions, please contact

Why Nonprofits Love GiveMN

GiveMN specializes in great customer service. Our primary goal is to make your organization a success! In addition, we provide great fundraising tools and opportunities for you and your supporters. To learn more about our excellent features, click on the links below.

Lead a Team

Leading a large group of passionate fundraisers? Try our Team page.
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Accept Donations

Accept donations directly on your website. No redirects. 100% VeriSign secured.
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Post Thank You Videos

Show donors a personal thank you video right after they make a donation.

Raise More

Save money when you use our excellent fundraising tools.
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Go Mobile!

Accept donations or a pledge to donate on any mobile device. GiveMN is optimized to look and work great on small screens.
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