FAQs for Donors

Donation Questions

  1. Do I need to have a user account on GiveMN to donate to my favorite school?

    No, you do not need to sign up for an account in order to make a donation. However, we encourage you to create a personal account to collect all your receipts in one location and schedule future giving. Visit GiveMN.org and choose “Sign Up” or “Log In” from the main menu.

  2. Can I make a donation without a GiveMN account?

    Yes! Accounts are not required for donations, but you have to option to create one later if you choose.

  3. Can I make an anonymous donation?

    Yes; when making your donation, simply choose the anonymous option at checkout.

  4. Is my donation tax-deductible?

    While you should always consult a tax advisor for specific deductibility rules, gifts made using GiveMN are usually fully tax-deductible for individuals residing in the United States. Any donation given through the GiveMN website is a direct gift to a donor advised fund operated by Razoo Foundation (read more about Razoo Foundation in the "How Donations Work" section below). Accordingly, these gifts receive the most favorable tax treatment of maximum deductibility that any public charity can offer.

  5. Can I specify how the school should use my donation?

    Yes, to a degree. You may specify how you’d like those funds to be used by the school by completing the “Designation” field on the donation form. We will provide this information to the school exactly as you have given it to us, but we do not monitor and cannot guarantee that the school will honor your request. Schools are free to use grants received from the GiveMN site for the educational and charitable needs they determine. You may also contact the school directly to communicate your preferences.

  6. How can I know if the school will use the funds in accordance with my designation?

    You can certainly ask the school if it received the funds and how it used them. Hopefully, the school will operate with an appropriate degree of transparency and local accountability. School administrators using GiveMN acknowledge that they will use the funds in accordance with donor wishes’ to the best of their ability; however, by law, final determinations for how funds are used may be made by the administrator for that school or district.

  7. Is there a minimum donation amount?

    Yes, your donation must be at least $10 to be processed through GiveMN.

  8. If I misplace my email receipt, how may I get a duplicate?

    There are two easy ways to obtain a duplicate receipt. You can view and print your giving history and receipts by logging into your GiveMN account, or request a duplicate receipt by emailing support@razoo.com – please include your full name, date of donation, amount of donation, and name of your designated school.

  9. What if I want to donate to a school that does not appear on GiveMN?

    To donate to a school that does not appear on GiveMN, please tell the school administrator to signup with us! You can provide them with a link to our schools registration page.

  10. Can I create a recurring donation?

    Yes, schools love these! You can set up contributions on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Simply choose your frequency at checkout (the default is to make a one-time donation). Please note that you will be required to create a GiveMN user account in order to make recurring donations.

  11. What if the fundraising page makes representations and promises that I believe are inaccurate?

    GiveMN and Razoo Foundation make no representations or warranties about the accuracy or truthfulness of information posted on the fundraising page. However, if you have reason to question the accuracy of information on a fundraising page, please contact support@razoo.com or 866-437-1952 as soon as possible so we can take appropriate action.

  12. Can or will I receive any goods, services, or admission to an event in exchange for my donation?

    No goods, services, and admissions to events may be promised or obtained in exchange for your donation. Neither GiveMN nor Razoo Foundation support the selling of tickets or providing prospective donors with any other goods or services. At this time, the IRS only permits donor advised funds such as Razoo Foundation to handle pure contributions and not part gift and part sale transactions. The donor of any online donation cannot receive, nor be promised to receive, any valuable goods or services as a result of such a donation.

  13. May fundraisers promise token items or other small personal benefits?

    No, federal law prohibits a fundraiser from promising goods, services, and/or admissions to events in exchange for making a donation to a donor advised fund such as Razoo Foundation. While tax law makes an exception for small, token gifts (e.g., if the fair market value of the total items received by any one individual is less than $9.90) or a memorial gift recognizing the name of the donor (e.g., putting the name of the donor on a plaque), that exception may not extend to donor advised funds such as Razoo Foundation. Therefore Razoo Foundation and GiveMN discourage fundraisers from offering even such token gifts as an encouragement to give.

How Donations Work

  1. How and when will a school receive my donation?

    Razoo Foundation makes advised grants to approved schools and charities each month on or around the 10th of the following month. For example, if an advised donation was made on January 20 through GiveMN, an approved school would normally receive the funds on or around February 10.

  2. What types of school fundraising events may I promote?

    You may promote various types of fundraising events (e.g., sporting events such as walkathons), provided that 100% of the funds raised are serving charitable purposes and there is no monetary benefit being provided to participants and donors.

  3. Why does my tax receipt reference the Razoo Foundation?

    Your contribution made through the GiveMN website is made to Razoo Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity that operates a donor advised fund. It is Razoo Foundation’s normal practice to regrant 97.1% of a donor-advised contribution to the qualifying IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization or public school advised by the donor, and to retain 2.9% for Razoo Foundation’s expenses (including credit card transaction costs). A regrant to the advised organization or school is generally made on the 10th of the month following receipt of the advised contribution. That is why your credit card statement will list Razoo Foundation, not the name of the school.

  4. What is Razoo Foundation?

    Razoo Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) public charity. Funds that you raise on GiveMN are receipted as a charitable contribution to Razoo Foundation’s donor advised fund.

  5. What is a donor advised fund?

    Donor Advised Funds or “DAFs” are defined by a 2006 Act of Congress. In essence, a sponsoring charity (eg. Razoo Foundation) maintains a fund to which donors may make a tax-deductible contribution and advise the sponsoring charity as to which qualified organizations they wish those funds to be regranted. Regrants may be made to other public charities or qualified organizations, including government entities such as public schools.

Online Security

  1. Is my donation and personal information safe and secure?

    Yes, we take data security very seriously at GiveMN. GiveMN.com is a secure, PCI-compliant site for donating to your favorite charities. We partner with U.S. Bank to securely process your donations, and use Verisign (the industry leader in SSL certification) so that your personal information is vigorously protected. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

    GiveMN will not sell, rent, or trade your personal information to anyone outside of GiveMN. We also provide an anonymous donation option, if you prefer not to share your contact information with the recipient nonprofit.

  2. What is your privacy policy?

    GiveMN values your privacy. We will not share or sell your information. Learn more about our commitment to your privacy by reviewing the Privacy Policy.