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Facebook Donation App

Now your donors can give on Facebook

  • Donors can give right from your Facebook page
  • Free to use and easy to install
  • Same low 4.9% transaction rate

How Can This Help Me?

With GiveMN's new donation app for Facebook, your donors can easily click and give without the inconvenience of being redirected. Donations are securely processed right on your Facebook page. Add it to your page now.

Step by step instructions

  1. You must first create a “page” on Facebook or use your organization's existing page. This is a different type of page than your profile page and can be used to promote a particular cause or community.
  2. After completing your page set-up, go to the Add Page Tab on Facebook and select your page(s) from the drop-down menu. Then click the "Add Page Tab" button.
  3. Go to the page you just added the app to and in the left menu click “Donate” or the piggy bank icon.
  4. On the “Select Cause” page, type in the name of the cause you’re raising money for, which should either be a project, fundraiser or organization qualified with GiveMN.
  5. Select the cause from the drop-down list; a green check mark should appear next to the input field.
  6. Click the “Raise For This Cause” button and get started.

Note* While the cause needs to be a fundraiser or organization that is qualified with GiveMN, the creator of the Facebook page does not need to have an account with GiveMN.

Please check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well.