GiveMN’s DonateAnywhere Widget

Nonprofits asked GiveMN for a tool to keep donors on their own websites when making donations. GiveMN’s solution: the DonateAnywhere Widget. Donors can now contribute securely to nonprofits via GiveMN without navigating away from the nonprofit’s website.

GiveMN’s DonateAnywhere widget is a simple, secure widget that can:

  • Be embedded on most blogs and websites which accept javascript
  • Be used by nonprofits or individual fundraisers
  • Be customized with a nonprofits logo and message.
  • Generate tax receipt emails for donors – no account sign-up needed
  • Go viral! Your supporters can engage their social networks in your cause

DonateAnywhere widget is easy-to-use and simple to install on your website or blog.

picture of widget


How is the DonateAnywhere widget different from the current Donate Now button available on GiveMN?

A donor who clicks on the current Donate Now Button is re-directed to the nonprofit's profile on, where they can make a secure donation. DonateAnywhere allows a donor to stay on your blog or nonprofit’s website. Both Donate Now and DonateAnywhere leverage the GiveMN giving platform for efficiently and securely processing donations.

Is Donate Now going away?

No, Donate Now will not be replaced by DonateAnywhere. GiveMN provides both the Donate Now and the DonateAnywhere tools to best meet the needs of its nonprofits and fundraisers.

How do I get access to the HTML code for the widget?

Login to your GiveMN account and copy the HTML code directly from your administrative tool bar. You or your webmaster can then insert the widget code anywhere on your website or blog. If you have questions about how to get started, please contact us at or call Razoo at 1-866-437-1952.

Can my supporters setup recurring donations using DonateAnywhere?

Not at this time. However, Razoo intends to allow recurring donations through DonateAnywhere in a later release – stay tuned! In the meantime, if you have supporters interested in recurring donations, please direct them to your Organization page on Razoo.

Will donations through DonateAnywhere be reflected in my nonprofit's or fundraiser's Donation Report?

Yes, donations through DonateAnywhere appear in your Donation Report as if it were made through and will be specified with a "widget" tag so you can see which donations are made through the widget.

Do I need to setup my own merchant account to use DonateAnywhere?

No, DonateAnywhere leverages the Razoo giving platform, which handles back-end transaction processing and batches donations into a monthly disbursement.